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Good Anime/Manga Icons

for all your animanga icon needs!

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hello all, and welcome to good anime/manga icons. GAMI is a closed-membership community, very similar to others like good_losticons and goodmovieicons. the idea behind this community is to host only the best of the best when it comes to anime and manga icons for livejournal.


well, i won't start talking about sartre or anything (^^;;;), but us anime/manga fans love icons and there's tons of them out on the net. all of these icon-makers want recognition for their hard work. unplug is full of them, for example. thing is, some icon-makers really put all of themselves into their art, and the results are simply awesome. that's what we want to recognize in good_animeicons. that means, practical image cropping, use of anti-alias, attractive gradients, inspiring textures, new techniques. we don't mean to put down the beginners, we just want to give them something to look and work up to.


that's simple: an icon made out of an image from an anime or manga (or both! you never know...). that means, no flesh and bones here, just ink. the original image is (c) the author of the manga/anime. the rest is up to you.


if you just want to look at the icons, you don't have to join. just click on the little square on top that says "monitor community". this way, you'll get every community post in your friends page.

before you keep on reading, look very carefully at this: do not try to join by clicking in the "join the community" link. it won't work, as the community is closed, and if you somehow manage it, you will not only lose any chance at getting posting access, but you will be taken out of the community with no hopes of coming back. i'm serious here.

now this is what you have to do not to be kicked out:

1. finish reading this information page, including the rules, twice if you can.

2. APPLY HERE, with 5-10 of your best icons to date. they don't have to be anime/manga, but it'd be great to see some of those. to let me know that you read the rules, include the current magic words in the subject line of your comment. i don't care how you use them, you could write an essay for all you want, as long as they're there. the current magic words are somewhere in this information page. keep on reading.

3. after you're accepted, check your invites. if you're not accepted, you're very welcome to try again. just wait at least a week before reapplying. we ask you to wait a week because we want you to improve, not just to post some of the other icons you forgot to post the first time.

4. join with only one username. if you have an icon journal that's great, but you have to choose which username you will use for this community, either your regular one, or your icon journal (or more, who knows, people these days have so many LJs...). i will only add you once.

5. try not to join if your icon is friends-locked. i'm not going to reject you if it is, but make sure that your icon posts are accessible to everyone in the community. that's the whole idea, right?


1. all icons you post must be original. that means, try to crop your own bases, and try not to use others' fanart, unless you have the artist's permission and you credit him/her. since most of the best animanga fanart is japanese anyway, it'd be hard to ask for the artist's permission, so i'd rather you just didn't use fanart.

2. don't post "bases"-- that is, when you just grabbed a pic, cropped it and put a border around it. that's not extraordinary at all.

3. you can post banners and FO images as long as the post also contains at least 4 animanga icons. same with community propaganda (*cough*spam*cough*), not if there aren't 4 icons.

4. only link to your icon journal in your posts if it is not friends-locked.

5. use an LJ-cut for more than 6 icons, please. users with slow 'net connections will love you forever.

6. don't make requests, please. there are other communities out there for that purpose, you just have to look for them.

7. flamers will be shot on sight... *cough* i mean, will be warned once, then kicked out if they do it again.


1. credit in keywords whoever made your icon. this is essential. you love your pwetty icon, don't you? so be grateful and give the maker credit. it's so simple, really, it'll only take you like two minutes.

2. do not alter the icon in any way, unless the icon maker says you can.

3. do not hotlink any of the images here. don't know what hotlinking is? it's when you insert an image with an img tag (img src="") and between the quotes you put directly the URL where the maker put it. that's also called stealing and it's just not good. don't do it. please upload the images to your own server.

4. not really required, but it'd be nice if you left a comment telling the maker which icons you took. i know we like to know where our babies are.


so yeah, the rules are all pretty strict, but they're not hard to follow. i hope you have a great time in GAMI!

love from your mod,

~carla (girls_are_weird, icons @ wakizashi_)
(magic words: sunflower samurai)

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